What information do you need in order to schedule concrete with Specialty Concrete?

 There are a few things to have/know when booking a pour with us. First thing to know is how many yards the pour will need. (There is a concrete calculator on the website if you need help figuring numbers) Along with yardage, we will need to know where the pour will be located, (address including the city) if there is anything special needed for the mix, (pump mix, pea gravel, exposed aggregate, stamp mix, etc..) and a reliable name and number to contact.

What is meant by concrete sub-grade? 

  It’s the base between the soil/ground (we recommend 5/8 minus rock) and the concrete slab. The sub-grade acts as support between the dirt and slab, ultimately, reducing future cracking of the slab.

Why use 5/8 minus rock for sub-grade?

Makes for a strong gravel base which is required to help prevent concrete from cracking and shifting. 

Difference between 5/8 minus and pea gravel for sub-grade?

5/8 minus can compact together to form a ideal base for concrete to pour onto.

Does Specialty Concrete set the concrete forms?